AFRH team up to strengthen fertility management in Nigeria


The International Federation of Fertility Societies, IFFS in collaboration with Association for Fertility and Reproductive Health, AFRH have concluded plans to strengthen the skills of specialists in area of assisted reproductive technology, ART in Nigeria.
Speaking ahead of the capacity building programme slated for 17th to 19th of May in Lagos, President of AFRH, Dr. Faye Iketubosin said that ART have brought hope and joy to many homes without which there might have been no chance of conception.
He noted that availability of the technology in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa has become a pertinent development due to high premium placed on child-bearing and lot of social stigmatization against the infertile couple.
“It is on this note that we came to a conclusion that medical experts who are often involved in the process of helping couple to actualized their dream need constant training and we have put together local and international experts.
“This year workshop with the theme,
The Management of Fertility and Assisted Reproduction , will benefits medical practitioners interested in the field of ART which include but not limited to clinicians, embryologist, researchers, nurses, Counselors, and students. To participate, you can visit our website, He explained that the workshop will helps to increase the success rate of fertility treatment in the country, “no clinic in the world can boost of 100 per cent success rate because so many factors comes into play and the most important factor is age.
“What happened in nature, if a young couple have no issue, it can take up to one year before they achieve pregnancy, not that they have problem but the fact remains that the monthly chance of getting pregnant is about 25 per cent for a younger couple.
“But by the time she is in her 40’s the chance of conceive naturally is no longer 25 per cent, it will drop to about 10 per cent because she release one egg in a month. The quality of that egg will determine the likelihood of pregnancy. But ART help to ensure fertilization take place and those fertilized egg becomes viable, active and healthy.

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