Linda ikeji is gonna be a mom!


Linda Ikeji could hardly contain her joy when she broke the news with a lengthy post on her blog . The blogger , according to her post, is in her second trimester and will be having a baby boy soon .She wrote:
“OMG ! The most amazing thing has happened to me ! I am going to be a mum . My greatest dream realized ! (baby bump photos )
Did you guys read the title of this post? Should I write it again? Oh God , I can’t breath… lol. So let me say that again… I , Linda Ikeji , is going to be a mum . Somebody please pinch me ! Gosh, I can’t get over it.
2018 started with me finding out I was pregnant . When I missed my period and my friend and I did a home pregnancy test and it read positive , my friend began to cry with happiness but I was just there staring at the stick like, you ’re not messing with me , are you ? This is real and not a joke on me , right? I refused to believe it and asked my friend to drive me to a lab for another test . And there it was confirmed , I was pregnant . Me, Linda, I am going to have my own child. Please don ’ t wake me up from this lovely dream .. lol

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